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Injectable nanoprobes that specifically target tumor cell receptors.  These nanoprobes emit light in the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) range, an optical wavelength that travels very efficiently through tissue and blood with minimal scattering. 


Imaging hardware to detect the emitted SWIR light. 


Software to provide real-time processing of acquired tumor images. 

Nnaoprobe cartoon.png


Our breakthrough solution, the NanoInk Imaging System, is based on patented nanoprobes that contain rare earth elements wrapped in an albumin shell. Albumin allows our nanoprobes to be functionalized with any tumor specific targeting molecule (antibodies, peptides or small molecule). Our team is the first to develop rare earth nanoparticles that are safe and that emit light in the Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) range. SWIR light travels more efficiently through the body than any other light, with less scattering and better tissue penetration.


These nanoprobes provide high specificity because they can be easily targeted to different types of cancer. They also provide better resolution and sharper images because of the low background that is inherent with SWIR light.  


Currently, there are three Composition of Matter patents issued and several others are pending.



Our imaging hardware will detect the SWIR light emitted by the nano probes.  

We are currently building beta test versions of our hardware for pre-clinical research use.  These devices will allow for rapid, multi-animal imaging.  

We are also designing hardware for clinical use.

Our software will provide real-time processing of acquired images and present those images to researchers and surgeons in a way that is most conducive to their work flows.

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